Cock and Bull Daily Webcomic by Arnie Dunnel

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  1. dgriff13

    You need to make a Tshirt… a tshirt featuring an egg saying that line. People would buy it. Yes they would.

  2. George

    That last panel is prime poster material! I loved it.

  3. Don

    Ok, that’s just too much. Please rethink your lines here, it’s kinda offensive. I would go as far as saying you CROSSED a LINE…

    Well, the ball’s in your court now.


  4. Lonnie Easterling

    Just don’t wander near the pigs, Bull! They’re dangerous too!

  5. Trevory

    Hasen’t Bull heard of oven cookers?

  6. Arnie

    I’m incapable of seeing lines. Is there one behind me?
    Lonnie, very good point – I’ll have to remember that! :)
    Trevory, no. No he hasn’t. He’s a bull, for honk’s sake!
    T-shirts coming up. I’ll create a few designs and have you guys vote on which you might like or dislike. We’ll see how that goes.

  7. Luke

    Dwight kicks ass.

  8. Trevory

    Arnie: Good point. the fact that he stands and speaks english confused my logic!

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